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Native and Social Ads Set to Rise in the Future

Advertisers are being compelled to find new and better ways to reach consumers for their brand campaigns. Contending with the short attention spans of consumers to even notice digital ads is one of the greatest challenges in the business and gets even more difficult with consumer’s use of ad blocking softwares. According to a recent …


Few Facts on Display Advertising

Display advertising has become the trend of the century opening great opportunities for advertisers to deliver their brand messages to site visitors and increase sales on their products. However, this strategy of advertising might be difficult to capture viewer’s attention due to small windows and spaces allotted for the advertisers in the publisher’s site. This …


AOL on Advertising: Its About to Get ‘Exponentially More Expensive’

Automated ad buying costs more than the traditional methods and is going to get exponentially more expensive. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong in his talk during the Advertising Week stated that marketers should not be surprised by how much more automated ad buying costs than traditional methods today. This is only due to the fact that …


6 Categories of Native Advertising and Its Benefits

Recently, more companies have turned to native advertising to promote their brands as it has proven to be more profitable compared to traditional online advertising so far. Native ads are types of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. It can increase brand lift as much as …


Google Will Pay Publishers for Viewable Ads Only [Policy Update]

Publishers will be paid only for the ads that are fully viewable by the users as recently announced by Google on its AdWords blog. As Google Display Network is aiming for a 100% viewable ads in the coming few months, advertisers will be paying 30% premium to use this new viewable ads model. In their …


Adobe Predicts 2015 Online Holiday Sales To Hit Record $83B

Adobe predicts 2015 online holiday season spending to reach $83 billion – with the 11% year-over-year increment in web spending. As per the Adobe Digital Index 2015 Holiday Shopping Predictions, this year’s Cyber Monday online deals will augment up to 12-percent year-over-year, moving to a record $3 billion in one day. Highest online sales could …


U.S. Digital Ad Spending to Exceed Television Spending in 2016

U.S. Digital media ad spending is anticipated to exceed TV ad spending according to recent forecast from Magna Global. Magna Global’s director of global forecasting Vincent Letang further explains that the digital media ad revenue will surpass TV ad income in U.S. earlier than expected with $66 billion in revenue. Relative to this fact, it …


Ad Blocking Apps Plummets iOS Safari Clicks

Ad Blocking Apps caused a drop in iOS Safari Clicks by 19%. Apple’s choice to permit advertisement blocking applications on the App Store has been denounced as the end of mobile advertising as we are aware of it. Although others believed it won’t have any effect on advertiser’s capacity to reach mobile audiences, almost everyone …


Twitter to feature pre-roll video advertising to video tweets

A new Twitter service platform will need clients to watch pre-roll advertising on videos in tweets. Twitter’s Amplify product will embed advertising into related videos in light of the categories picked by the advertiser. Equivalent to the model utilized by YouTube, the product offers payment to Twitter users for featuring short advertisements before their own …


Facebook Triumphs Over Google Display Ads Growth

Facebook FB +0.82% continues picking up on Google display ads growth GOOGL +0.75% in the business of selling display advertisements that bolster a large number of websites and applications.   Recent survey reveals that Facebook saw 40% growth during the last three months in display ads conveyed via automated technology known as “programmatic”. Following an …

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