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YouTube—A New Convenient Way to Shop

TrueView for shopping introduces the latest shopping solution through YouTube. Whether or not it’s reviewing a product or understanding how to prepare a soufflé, people rely on videos to help them get through a task. We see this as micro-moments, where consumers automatically use a device to learn, decide and buy things. To draw the …


Mobile operators plan to block online advertising

Several mobile operators plan to block advertising on their networks, setting the stage for a battle with digital media companies such asGoogle, AOL and Yahoo. One European wireless carrier told the Financial Times that it has installed blocking software in its data centres and planned to turn it on before the end of 2015. The …


High-End Video Production Doesn’t Mean Bigger Or Better ROI

It’s commonly assumed that creating effective video advertising means spending big money. But what if I told you that you could spend a fraction of your budget while providing enormous value to your marketing campaign, customers, and end goal? Thanks to the constant evolution of technology and a grown-up consumer market, the future is here, and …


Is Your Web Site Holding Back Sales?

While that may be true to some extent, more often the culprit is an outdated Web site with confusing messaging or lousy content. These days, a lot of attention is paid to social media, mobile apps, big data analytics, retargeting, email automation, etc. However, your humble Web site is the hub of all these efforts …


Comment Anonymously on anything with Cloak App

The trend toward anonymous social applications which are social may be diminishing in popularty , but others believe there’s still a place for online conversations where users don’t need to reveal their genuine identity. Here’s an example: Cloaq, the anonymous app where users never had to give you an identifying bit of information, like a …


In 2014 according to global analysis the video publishers made $189 million

The increasing usage of online protocol (IP) enabled devices has fueled video consumption that is massive and, in turn, driven the necessity for online video analytics (OVA) solutions globally. video publishers, advertisers and service providers have come towards the realization that OVA solutions are essential to techniques which are device-effective to monetize from targeted video …


Ad Spend Globally Passes The Half Trillion Dollar Mark

In 2014 the global marketing industry surpassed a half-trillion USD totaling $525 billion for all the top ten for nearly 75% of the global ad spend, according to the most recent report from Technique Analytics, international Advertising Market Forecast Outlook. Online opportunities: The top 10 digital marketing and advertising marketplaces taken into account over 81 …


What Publishers Need To Know About Optimizing For Mobile Video Revenue

The mobile channel has by now established itself as the future of digital advertising, and the growth shows no signs of slowing. The lion’s share of new investments in digital are going toward the mobile space; every day new technologies emerge in the space, and video is a primary area of focus for advertisers. eMarketer …


Obama tells companies Share Cyber Security Information w/executive order

President Barack Obama asked to get more collaboration for the sharing between private-sector organizations as well as the U.S. government at the White House Cyber security Summit at Stanford today. While pressing for that collaboration, he admitted it might be a challenge to both keep up with cyber threats and protect American’s straight to privacy …


Social Networks Report Record Numbers Around Super Bowl Conversations

Social Networks Report Record: More people than ever reacted to last night’s Super Bowl using social media, according to reports from a number of tech companies. Facebook today says that this year’s Super Bowl was the biggest yet on its social network, and YouTube says more people than ever before watched ads and teaser videos on …

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