Mobile Revenue Serving Simplified

People are turning to smart phones and tablets to consume their favorite Internet content. Where the audience goes, advertisers follow. But how do you serve ads to your customers no matter where they are and what device?

Higher Rates More Transparency

Envero Media gives you access to the best Real Time Bidding (RTB) Exchanges in the mobile industry. RTB is an auction based system where the demand side (companies who want to place ads) bid for mobile inventory in real time. The demand side prices the bids based on various targeting criteria in addition to unique user identifiers. Get paid from your mobile sites traffic. Start monetize your mobile traffic with easy integration in few minutes.

• Mobile Video ads MMA
• Standard
• IPad Ads
 Floating/Expandable Ads


All SDKs are designed to take advantage of unique capabilities of each platform. Apple IOS, Google Android, Rim Blackberry, Samsung, Microsoft Windows Phone, Symbian S60, Qt&WRT

Manage All Your Inventory from One System

With Envero Media, you have one ad technology platform to manage ad revenue across desktop, video, mobile, and e-mail.You can classify inventory for your mobile sites or applications, schedule mobile-specific creatives, and view reporting for your mobile inventory or campaigns. Plus, you can monetize your unsold inventory on our ad exchange.

Simplified Mobile Ad Serving

You can set-up that type of cross-platform campaign, forecast availability, and track delivery – all from Envero’s interface. Deliver ads to all your customer’s devices (desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android) in both standard and mobile formats (320×50, 300×250, 728×90, 160×600), and custom sizes. Manage all of the mobile options – targeting, creative, and mobile-specific ad tags – through an easy-to-use interface. Acceess to unlimited ad networks on the fly as they bid for your inventory.


Mobile-specific targeting options directed to your best prospects
Geographic: city, state, country, DMA, and GPS radius
Operating System/Platform: iOS, Android, etc.
Device Manufacturer/Model: Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc.
Carrier/Carrier Type: AT&T, Verizon, WiFi, etc.