5 Ways to Significantly Increase Blog Engagement




‘Engagement’ is one of the core keys to every blog’s success. We all want our blogs to build traffic, gain lots of followers, comments and heaps of social sharing from loyal fans whom we want to have a long-term friendship with. In this post, we’re going to look at five ways you can significantly increase blog engagement in your website beginning with…

Strategy 1: Create a strong brand

A blog identity is defined by a brand. Branding your blog means portraying an image you want to represent in the internet world. It all starts with carefully picking a name to your website, a theme, tagline and logo. But beyond this stuff, what is crucial is your blog’s voice, style and personality to be identified in social media channels easily. Start by checking out online resources such as Canva and the Brand Stylist for more tips.

Strategy 2: Design your site with your audience in mind

Giving your readers more reasons to stick around your site will result to a deeper user engagement and will keep them coming back for more. Use Google Analytics to help you know how your desktop and mobile user experience is performing and how users navigate your site’s content. To further understand how visitors engage with your site, check out heatmap applications like Crazy Egg. Lastly, try installing widgets like Linkwithin to offer related articles to your readers.

Strategy 3: Create content your audience wants

One of the easiest ways to increase user engagement is to create timely posts based on what the users currently want to read. You must keep in mind that trendy posts may not be relevant after a couple or months or years so the best strategy is to create trendy posts alongside evergreen or all-time relevant posts. Check out Google Analytics or use Survey Monkey to find out interesting topics for your readers.

Strategy 4: Make your content easy to consume

Make your readers stay on your site longer by incorporating high-quality images, infographics or videos to make the content less boring, easy to read and catchy enough to be shared on social media platforms.

Strategy 5: Promote other blogger’s content

Strengthen your online presence by promoting other blogger’s content. By promoting other people, you can be part of a community who will engage with your site and likewise share your content to their readers as well.