Adblock Plus Reveals How Ad Blockers Work


Despite installing ad blockers, companies may now pay publishers to show their ads.

In the advent of the current ad blocking dilemma, Adblock Plus, one of the world’s leading advertisement blockers paves its way to acceptable advertising program and reveals how ad blockers work.

Acceptable advertising is one controversial program which enables sites to pay companies to allow ads to be viewed by users which are normally blocked through the filter.

Adblock plus revealed details pertaining to this program and according to the company, only “large entities” (websites with more than 10 million impressions) need to pay to get on the list while smaller players are able to avail the program for free, provided their advertising fits within the criteria.

Although any ad company may join the said the program, Adblock clearly defined their criteria for acceptable ads and their maximum sizes. The company also revealed exactly what the project includes, the amount of cash it requests and who it requires to pay for their advertisements to sneak past the channel.

In fact, one of the substantial organizations rumored to pay companies to show ads is Google.