Content and SEO: Creating a Link- Worthy Content


You already know this before. Quality content equals more links, more shares, more traffic and eventually more money to your site. In fact, Andrey Lipattsev, Google Search Quality Senior Strategist stated that Google’s two top ranking factors are content and links.

But what makes a content linkable?

Well it works like this. First you must make great content. The content should serve a purpose. It may inform, educate, entertain, and the list goes on. Great content will attract many links to your site and in return, the links will improve the popularity of your content. The trouble is, attracting links will vary depending on the content and sometimes strategic promotion is needed even to content types that typically attract links.

Having said that, a link strategy is badly needed to create a link-worthy content. To do this, you must first understand why do people link on the web. Then, upon making your content, ask yourself the question, “Why would anyone link to this content?”

Your answer will be your guide to your content promotion strategy.