How to Top Online Advertising Results in 2016


One of the most practical ways to survive the 21st century business is to pay to play. In the information era that we live in today, the pay to play technique is very much useful and will keep your business on top of the game.

Top online advertising results in 2016 by using these  5 pay to play outlets:


1. Google AdWords Search Network


One of the most effective online advertising channels is search ads. These ads appear at the first 3 spots of the search engine results when you search for anything online. They are quite tricky because they seem to be one of the top results but actually, they are advertisements along with the 10 mini listing ads on the right hand side of the webpage.

These ads are very effective channels but at the same time, they are also the most expensive ones.


2. Google AdWords Display Network


The ads in Google AdWords Display Network are displayed as text, banner images and some animation ads. Google Display Network generally works with its partner sites where they distribute advertisements which include Google properties such as Google Finance, Gmail, Google Maps, Blogger and other web, video, mobile and gaming display partners.

Display Networks allows creation of highly targeted ads based on data from the internet to target site audiences. You only pay for the click but these clicks will be more qualified since it is highly targeted.


3. Facebook Advertising


No matter who your target market is, everyone seems to be in Facebook right now.

Facebook could be very advantageous for your business targeting options since it is mixed with endless amount of data not only coming from their site but from millions of other sites that have the Sign In with Facebook button, so the targeting is extremely specific.

Facebook Advertising is also advantageous since it requires low costs, however like any other investments, you could lose money if you don’t invest wisely.


4. Twitter Advertising


For some, Twitter works better than Facebook ads.

Twitter is as rich in data as Facebook and audiences are more targeted than Google AdWords. By tweeting events, conferences, classes, new products and offerings, you can get people to engage in your tweets and become your target. While the cost for advertising has different ranges in Twitter, they are not that expensive.


5. Remarketing & Retargeting


Remarketing is simply done by putting a piece of code that put on your website so that when someone visits your website, the code will place a cookie in the user’s browser. Since the code is associated with different advertising portals such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter, the cookie will then be responsible for registering the user’s data to these portals.

With remarketing, you can build your audiences by making use of the list of people who have visited your site and make the most of your advertising campaigns.