10 Sure-Fire Tips To Increase Web Traffic : Your Ultimate Weekly Guide


Not having the same budget compared to our competitors nor the army of marketers that they could hire may often lead us to wonder how our small businesses could stand out in the crowded digital market. Give yourself a boost by following these tips and increase web traffic.

1. Buy Physical Ads
Browse through a site like Outdoor Billboards and check for ad space locations depending on your target market. These services could help you find inexpensive billboards or physical promotion space where you can give people a reason to visit your site.

2. Sponsor a Relevant Newsletter
Promote to a highly targeted market by reaching out to writers who have a large number of email subscribers. You can ask them if they would be willing to do a co-promotion where you can feature them in your audience as well.

3. Buy Ads on Niche Sites
Negotiate ad placement on a specific niche site outside of Google’s Display network. There are a number of sites related to your content where you can get a better price and a more direct relationship with the site owner.

4. Yahoo Ads
Get cheaper ad placement in Bing, Yahoo or other less popular search engines. Try checking Yahoo Ads platform and seeing how much traffic you can get!

5. Instagram Ads
Promote your product in Instagram by buying ads that show up in people’s image feeds through the Instagram partner program, or pay Instagram users with a high number of followers to use and promote your product. Try using sites such as Boomopolis to find users whom you think would be good for promoting your product.

6. Pinterest Ads
If you have products which has high visual content such as food, crafts and clothing, then Pinterest will work best for you. Pinterest has a highly visual platform which could serve as a prime place to promote your content and will increase web traffic to your site.

7. LinkedIn Ads
Make use of Linked In Ads to promote your website to professionals who are seeking for quality content related to their jobs or industry. Get started by checking out Kristi Hines’s resource on Unbounce for you to set up your first LinkedIn ads.

8. Interlink your Blog Posts
Another way to increase your SEO rankings is to include links to your other blog posts. Aside from increasing readership of users, this also makes people stay on your site longer by clicking linked posts of related content.

9. Ask Your Current Readers to Forward
Try to ask your current readers to forward one of your emails to one friend whom they think might be interested in your site or product. This way, you get personal endorsements from your current readers and target those like minded people as well.

10. Create a Teachable Course
Use Teachable App to create a free course for your users while keeping much more of your profits, and keep everything on your own site. Get started by taking Teachable’s free course and get set up with the platform and promote to your site users.