3 Easy Ways to Engage Millennials


To capture the millennial market today, brands are venturing into digital content production doing their best to craft content that would resonate to the said target market. In fact, a record breaking £5.2 billion of investment on content marketing was invested by UK brands last year according to Enders Analysis. Here we compiled three key factors to bear in mind when engaging with the crucial millennial consumer.

Emojis are important

GIFs and emojis have become the new image-based language for millennials to communicate with each other, as a way to express how they feel, express their opinions and capture a mood or moment in their lives.

According to a recent study, more than 23 million GIFs are posted on Tumblr each day since both iOS and Android mobile platforms have integrated emoji keyboards into their software.

As a brand targeting to capture the millennial market, one must consider the fact that millennials have moved beyond User-generated content (UGC) and are not just relying on their own content but remixing and reimagining content from others and sharing it with how they interpret it to be.

Collaborative content makes an impact

Tap into the trend for collaborative content creation to be able to engage in the hyper-connected lifestyle of today’s millennial consumers. Acknowledge that there is a no cover-all approach for all the younger consumers and content must speak to them individually.

A good example to this is Clinique’s #Faceforward campaign in collaboration with Tumblr for its first digital campaign. This campaign involved creating inspirational videos with six successful British women, each well-known in a specific arena, such as fashion or literature. To increase user engagement, Clinique then encouraged young women to share inspiring quotes for their future selves, which the brand reimagined as pieces of Tumblr art. As a result, there were 600,000 engagements gained during the campaign.

Be authentic

Authenticity is very important to millennial consumers that they can spot phony brands who don’t seem to be genuine in their intentions from a mile away. They would like to engage in brands who develops ready-to-engage content but remain true to themselves.

Loyalty and valuable engagement could only be achieved with the right content, from the right brand, at the right time. For the millenials to respond, authenticity and inspiration is always required.