How To Brand For Millennials and Digital Advertising



The social media week has brought a good digital advertising insight for the millennials.

Research shows that millennials are closely linked to the digital sphere. While other generations may get into the digital mindset, it only runs for a short period, when using technology. On the other hand, millennials have a constant link to technology. They think of it all the time because they are aware of the mind-on-digital and whether brand communications will succeed online.

These are some branding knowledge millennials are aware of that you might not know:

Word of mouth works better than fancy ads

Advertisers can spend a lot for high quality ads with attractive designs. These are effective strategies but word of mouth overpowers it by the influence of recommendations, features and other forms of sharing your brand. The advantage of being talked about in social media is the easy form of branding as well as the inexpensive approach compared to some costly ads.

Long-term planning is ineffective

With the fast changing online environment, a brand is expected to be flexible and quick to jump from one strategy to another. The idea of this ever-changing process is more productive than long-term planning.

Experience plays a major role in branding

Consumers trust more on brands with experience. In any form of acquisition, from in-game purchases to social media engagement purchases, a brand must show its level of experience to prove its worth.

Old school is cool

Everything that reminds the crowd of traditional, crafty, vintage and sentimental things increases desire for a certain brand. Products used in the past, particularly those that were deemed cool by the older generations (grandmothers of millennials) are presently cool.

Weak ties are better than strong ties

A number of weak connections to a brand that can see its large base of social media citations works better than being recommended by a friend yet having very little social exposure.

Communication tone is crucial

Considering the fast-changing social media world, the enticing ways to communicate can easily change. Buzzwords can come as cool today and be so outdated tomorrow, so every business has to make good decisions in their choice of words. In the end, people would rather engage in witty and down-to-earth conversations and people.

The bandwagon is still a thing

The bandwagon is an essential thing to study. There is always something considered a trend. People will likely shift to where many others are doing/going.