10 Sure-Fire Tips to Increase Web Traffic : Your Ultimate Weekly Guide


In the fifth part of our series, allow us to add more tips on how you can drive and  increase web traffic to your site.
1.Create an App
Create an app that could provide users with content as simple as a reference for a how-to guide. By helping users find ideas in the information you provide, you will have good chances of increasing your web traffic.

2.Create a Course for Udemy
Drive more traffic back to your site by hosting a video course in Udemy. By promoting relevant content to your audience, you will get the opportunity to be featured in their library and be promoted to their audiences as well.

3. Email Out New Posts
Don’t forget to email out your new article or content to your email list. By doing this, you could get initial surge of traffic and possibility of first shares.

4.Ask Your Readers What Else they Read
The best people to ask information about what people like to read are of course, your readers. You may ask your current readers what else they’re reading by encouraging them to comment and provide suggestions. By this you can discover new sites and from there you can get ideas to improve your content.

5. Twitter Ads
Take advantage of Twitter ads and get your site promoted. Twitter ads are inexpensive as compared to Facebook and Google ads, however it is not that popular than the two.

6.Facebook Ads
Unlike any other social networking platforms, Facebook gives you more flexibility since it allows you to boost posts and do easy retargeting.

7.StumbleUpon Paid Promotion
Promote yourself in Stumbleupon ad network to get preferred placement in their recommendations and result in getting more traffic to your site. Just make sure to grab audience’s attention by creating catchy headlines to your content.

8.Reddit Ads
Advertising on Reddit lets you focus your ads on people reading “subreddits” which revolve around certain theme. Go ahead and advertise on sections which are related to your content.

9.Mobile Ads
Make use of mobile ads in promoting your site and reach people who might get interested in your content. Mobile ads could drive back more traffic to your site specially if you are promoting a game.

10.Sponsor a Thank-You Page
When people arrive on a thank-you page,they are aready in a “yes” mindset so take advantage of it. Try promoting yourself on other sites’ thank-you page and be guaranteed it is viewed by highly-qualified audience.