10 Sure-Fire Tips to Increase Web Traffic: Your Ultimate Weekly Guide


Increase web traffic to increase income. Try following these sure-fire tips and tell us what you think.


1.Add a Link from Your Twitter Profile
Get people to learn more of your business by adding a link to your new site or newsletter to your Twitter profile.

2.Share Your Pictures to Flickr, etc.
You can submit pictures you have taken to picture sharing sites like Flickr. By including a link to those photos back to your site, you increase search traffic from your images since photos from image aggregators ranks higher on Google.

3. Links from Your LinkedIn Page
Make your site legit by including a link to your site or company in your Linkedin description.

4.Post Your Content to LinkedIn Groups
Many people in media platform groups like LinkedIn are looking for quality articles or stuff to also share in their sites.Try joining LinkedIn groups related to your target market to get you some free traffic.

5.Link from Your GitHub Profile
Include a URL on your GitHub profile page to send people to your site and get more traffic.

6.Use Edgar to Share Over and Over Again
Automatically re-share content using Edgar.

7.Create Infographics
Retain readers attention by creating unique and visually appealing infographics out of your best posts and don’t forget to share them in social media platforms with a link back to your site.

8. Post to Slack Teams
Engage and share your new articles in any Slack Teams with people who might be interested in them. But first don’t forget to sign up and become a legit member.

9.Share Your Product on Product Hunt
Submit your work on Product Hunt and get the chance to be included in their daily list of cool new for other people on the Internet to find.

10. Add an Autoresponder with a Link to Your Site
Setting up a autoresponder that tells people to check out your site while your away will help you manage your page and avoid making it look like an abandoned site.