10 Sure-Fire Tips to Increase Web Traffic: Your Ultimate Weekly Guide


Increase web traffic. NOW.

1. Update the Email Signatures of Your Whole Company

Adding correct email signatures of every member in your team could also help in driving traffic back to your site. This are effective for job referrals and other specific company requests.

2. Get Listed on Google News
If you have a news site, or are putting out a lot of timely content, you should work on getting listed in Google News.

3.Go on the Radio
Make yourself available for interview on different radio stations in your locality and talk about any issues or topics related to your niche. Apart from publicity, you are simply giving a signal that you are active and involved in the community and encourage people to check you out. To increase web traffic, just make sure your site is mentioned before and after the interview.

4.Go on TV
Getting interviewed on television is a big plus with your publicity. Take advantage of current events and leverage yourself as an expert in your field. Include mentions to your site along the interview to generate more traffic.

5.Create Laptop Stickers
Get a little more creative by making some laptop stickers that could showcase your website in an artsy way. You can put them on the front side of your laptop, so that it will get noticed easily. In addition, you could also give away these stickers to people and they might check your site with curiosity.

6.Send Content to Professors for Their Students
Research current academic topics that may relate to your content, reach out and introduce yourself to academic professors who might find your work useful. Your content might be included in class discussions or assignments where students can check your site for further information.

7.Run a Giveaway
A giveaway is a proven technique to get more traffic to your site. Decide which prizes to giveaway and simply promote it through your site and social media. This is an excellent way to get tons of referral traffic from participants inviting their friends and those who might get interested on the stuff.

8.Review Companies and Products
Writing an honest company or product review might get you shared with the company’s audience. Just don’t forget to include a link back to your site to enable people to check your credibility.

9.Cross-Promote with Another Site
Offer to promote sites with the related content to your audience in exchange for them promoting you to theirs. Both of you can benefit the increased traffic by just linking out blog posts or through mentioning each other in your newsletters.

10.Republish Your Content on Secondary Blog Networks
Try setting up blogs on other platforms such as Tumblr, Medium blog, Squarespace blog, Quora blog. Use services like IFTTT to automatically republish all of your content on it with links back to your site.