Creators of Top Facebook Videos


In July 2015, there were 1.8 million videos uploaded on Facebook. It has recorded 68.5 billion views for 251 thousand different creators. However, those numbers are not the only ones to be amazed about. How about the video creators of the most viewed videos?

Top Video Creators

According to Tubular, the 5 most watched Facebook video creators based on last month’s record include Buzzfeed Video, which came in first place and Buzzfeed Food on second. SOML (Story Of My Life) was at number three, totalling 213 million views. The three videos significantly increased Buzzfeed’s total video views to 1.2 billion.

Surprisingly, it is food videos that gathered the most number of views, with its Pizza Cone having 98.2 million views and 3.4 engagements in July this year.

The interesting fact is that, aside from the top 3 most viewed videos belonging to Buzzfeed, the social networking site has not uploaded any video on YouTube since December 2013, and it’s barely even shown itself on Vine.

News videos are also doing well on Facebook because of the undeniable fact that people are always up for what’s going on around. In 3rd place, NowThisNews made 319.8 million views in all social networks it uses including Facebool, Instagram and Youtube. However, in its total views, 318.8 million of them are from Facebook.

Then again, food videos get so many views putting Tastemade, one of the forefront food networks, which came in 6th place. Its Watermelon Keg garnered 32.1 million views and is active in YouTube and Instagram as well.

Using Original Content

This list is taken from pages and brands that upload original content. To emphasize on top rankings, these videos are a good representation of authority content. As part of video advertising, it is the idea of creating original content that adds more substance and quality to a video that is worth viewing.