Twitter to feature pre-roll video advertising to video tweets


A new Twitter service platform will need clients to watch pre-roll advertising on videos in tweets.

Twitter’s Amplify product will embed advertising into related videos in light of the categories picked by the advertiser.

Equivalent to the model utilized by YouTube, the product offers payment to Twitter users for featuring short advertisements before their own content.

Currently, pre-roll ads are only available to US advertisers and video publishers. However, Twitter has said it plans to roll out the feature globally over time.

Twitter will take a 30% cut of the revenue, with the rest going to publishers who approves to have promotions played before their video content.

According to HIS analyst Eleni Marouli, many of the ads are likely to be repurposed from television, as a way to compete with TV ad budgets, which are the biggest in the industry since every online platform is attempting to snatch a bit of those budgets.

“A part of the reason for increased video promoting was that individuals who need to watch videos may turn off ad-blocker programs which remove video advertising from website pages, otherwise there would be no chance of watching the desired video,” Ms Marouli said.

“In the event that a user needs to watch a video they will turn off the ad-blocker,” she said. This is unlike ad-blockers for banner ads and pop-ups, which basically show up alongside or beside online content.

“With Twitter it’s a little bit more challenging because they have this more immediate, 140 character scroll-through product,” she said.

In any case, Ms Marouli likewise remarked that Twitter may experience considerable difficulties in getting clients to feel comfortable with pre-roll ads compared to YouTube.