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IAB Publishes Guide to Optimize Ad Viewability

Recently, the IAB published a primer with tactical tips and best practices for increasing viewable impressions of desktop display and video ads. IAB intends to help publishers improve the ad tech side of their business and address the three ad delivery levers. (1) site redesign to ensure that ads are positioned optimally; (2)latency improvements to …


Twitter to feature pre-roll video advertising to video tweets

A new Twitter service platform will need clients to watch pre-roll advertising on videos in tweets. Twitter’s Amplify product will embed advertising into related videos in light of the categories picked by the advertiser. Equivalent to the model utilized by YouTube, the product offers payment to Twitter users for featuring short advertisements before their own …


Google Bans Flash Pre Roll Video Ads

Flash is nearing the end as Google will start banning it on September 1. Google has just announced its halt on playing Flash on Chome to “improve performance for users.” Considering that Chrome is the most popular browser and controls 63% of the market, it is bad news for Adobe’s Flash. The decision was made …


Twitter Allows App Advertisers to Use Video

Good news! Twitter just announced that it is allowing advertisers to drive app installs from promoted videos. The micro-blogging platform has shown new video capabilities after a year from announcing that it’s selling app-install ads. It was a good decision for Twitter because these ads are the driving force of revenue in mobile. Among its …


Limited Premium Inventory Hinders Video Ads Spending

According to Forrester, buy-side advertisers and sell-side media companies are looking for alternatives because the lack of premium inventory is holding back video ads growth. Supposedly, advertisers, publishers and brands are looking to digital video as an effective method to reach consumers. Forrester’s report, Solving Digital Video Advertising’s Premium Dilemma, shows that they are now …


The Next Era of Online Ads: The Rise of Video Ads

After Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other social media sites have launched their use of video ads, it is certainly clear that jumping into this trend can take your brand to a whole new level of online presence. As they say, if you want to make more money out of your advertisements, jump into video. However, …