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Twitter is cleaning up its look and enabling people to clear out ads on web pages opened within its iOS apps. On Thursday, Twitter began rolling out a redesign of its mobile apps, sites and TweetDeck to make the social network look less cluttered. While many of the changes are cosmetic, potentially the most consequential …


Instagram Stories tops 200M daily users, now bigger than Snapchat

Instagram’s eight-month-old Snapchat clone is presently greater than the first and includes a few all the more new Snapchatty highlights. Eight months after Instagram replicated Snapchat’s Stories, Instagram’s clone is formally greater than Snapchat. Consistently, more than 200 million individuals utilize Instagram Stories, the Facebook-possessed photograph and-video application reported on Thursday. By correlation, Snapchat found …


Why does customer engagement matter for retailers?

The retail industry is a fiercely competitive one. The rise of eCommerce means that consumers can, and do, easily shop around for better deals, while today’s desire for speed and convenience risks eroding any sense of customer engagement and loyalty. In 2016 we saw a number of high street casualties falling into trouble as they …


The Biggest Challenges In Programmatic Advertising

At the Digiday Programmatic Summit in Palm Beach, Florida, last month, attendees from agencies and brands were asked to jot down their biggest challenges in programmatic advertising. The mind map (below) lays out their major concerns. Among the big programmatic issues for brands and agencies are the number of vendors, the gap between creative and …


Cyber Monday, the Largest Day in US E-Commerce History

Cyber Monday became the largest day in US e-commerce history with roughly $3.4 billion consumer spend online, according to data from Adobe. This was just close to Black Friday’s $3.34 billion online spend. On the contrary, Black Friday surpassed Cyber Monday’s mobile commerce revenue at $1.2 billion vs. $1.19 billion. According to Adobe, 9 percent …


Content and SEO: Creating a Link- Worthy Content

You already know this before. Quality content equals more links, more shares, more traffic and eventually more money to your site. In fact, Andrey Lipattsev, Google Search Quality Senior Strategist stated that Google’s two top ranking factors are content and links. But what makes a content linkable? Well it works like this. First you must …


Instagram’s direct-response ads not yet a hit to advertisers

A year ago, Instagram launched its direct-response advertising business with the cooperation of its parent company, Facebook. This type of advertising was launched to attract marketers who intend not just to place their ads on social media but to encourage their users to act on these ads, click on them, install an app or visit …


3 Easy Ways to Engage Millennials

To capture the millennial market today, brands are venturing into digital content production doing their best to craft content that would resonate to the said target market. In fact, a record breaking £5.2 billion of investment on content marketing was invested by UK brands last year according to Enders Analysis. Here we compiled three key …


5 Ways to Significantly Increase Blog Engagement

  ‘Engagement’ is one of the core keys to every blog’s success. We all want our blogs to build traffic, gain lots of followers, comments and heaps of social sharing from loyal fans whom we want to have a long-term friendship with. In this post, we’re going to look at five ways you can significantly …


Mobile versus desktop: Optimize both experiences

Mobile-only users outnumbered desktop users in March of 2015 according to Comscore. It is anticipated that this trend that will carry on in the next 10 years, as both business and personal users shift away from working in their desks and instead choose to access the internet any time from anywhere. With Tech giants like …

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