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Technorati Survey Reveals Publishers Programmatic Frustration

Technorati found out that almost half of publishers (45.45%) are having programmatic frustration as they are  not being able to have demand partners compete with each other on each impression. The given data was the result of the company’s survey in conjunction with Digiday, from June 23rd to July 10th last year. Over 600 buy …


How to Top Online Advertising Results in 2016

One of the most practical ways to survive the 21st century business is to pay to play. In the information era that we live in today, the pay to play technique is very much useful and will keep your business on top of the game. Top online advertising results in 2016 by using these  5 pay …


Adblock Plus Reveals How Ad Blockers Work

Despite installing ad blockers, companies may now pay publishers to show their ads. In the advent of the current ad blocking dilemma, Adblock Plus, one of the world’s leading advertisement blockers paves its way to acceptable advertising program and reveals how ad blockers work. Acceptable advertising is one controversial program which enables sites to pay …


Display and Programmatic Vital to the Future of Digital Advertising

    Display advertising growing ad spend   Recent report from IAB Europe’s AdEx Benchmark H1 revealed that online advertising grew 9.7% to €16bn in the first half of 2015, up from €14.6bn in the first half of 2014. With the 13% year-on-year growth, display advertising now accounts for €5.6 bn of all advertising spend, …


IAB: US Online Ad Revenue Hit Record $5.5 Billion

    Online advertising revenues appear to be balancing out. US Online ad revenue was reported to reach $5.5 billion according to estimates presented by The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in tandem with PricewaterhouseCoopers in their third-quarter figures, up 1.7 percent from the second quarter of 2009, but still down 5.4 percent from the same …


Native and Social Ads Set to Rise in the Future

Advertisers are being compelled to find new and better ways to reach consumers for their brand campaigns. Contending with the short attention spans of consumers to even notice digital ads is one of the greatest challenges in the business and gets even more difficult with consumer’s use of ad blocking softwares. According to a recent …


Few Facts on Display Advertising

Display advertising has become the trend of the century opening great opportunities for advertisers to deliver their brand messages to site visitors and increase sales on their products. However, this strategy of advertising might be difficult to capture viewer’s attention due to small windows and spaces allotted for the advertisers in the publisher’s site. This …


AOL on Advertising: Its About to Get ‘Exponentially More Expensive’

Automated ad buying costs more than the traditional methods and is going to get exponentially more expensive. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong in his talk during the Advertising Week stated that marketers should not be surprised by how much more automated ad buying costs than traditional methods today. This is only due to the fact that …


6 Categories of Native Advertising and Its Benefits

Recently, more companies have turned to native advertising to promote their brands as it has proven to be more profitable compared to traditional online advertising so far. Native ads are types of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. It can increase brand lift as much as …


Google Will Pay Publishers for Viewable Ads Only [Policy Update]

Publishers will be paid only for the ads that are fully viewable by the users as recently announced by Google on its AdWords blog. As Google Display Network is aiming for a 100% viewable ads in the coming few months, advertisers will be paying 30% premium to use this new viewable ads model. In their …

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