Few Facts on Display Advertising


Display advertising has become the trend of the century opening great opportunities for advertisers to deliver their brand messages to site visitors and increase sales on their products.

However, this strategy of advertising might be difficult to capture viewer’s attention due to small windows and spaces allotted for the advertisers in the publisher’s site. This makes display advertising not that progressive to keep up with what is expected from it. Yet, it has been reported that in 2014, advertisers spent $13.5 billion in display advertising, which was a 5% increase over the prior year. This only means that something is still working for advertisers amidst the drawbacks mentioned and display advertising is indeed alive and kicking.

Hence it is important to understand a few facts about the basics of display advertising and how it can improve branding and the online business as a whole.

Banner Ads

A Web Banner or a Banner Ad is a form of online advertising that embeds a brand advertisement into a web page with the intent to promote a brand by getting visitors to leave the host website and bring them over to the advertiser’s website.

Mostly located at the top of a page, banner ads are one of the first online advertising models on the online business followed by other types such as the “skyscrapers” which are located alongside the left or right sidebars of a website.

Display banners could be further classified into (1) static or (2) dynamic. Static banners are characterized by images which does not change and interact. It offers faster, broader scope that has a generalized branding. Dynamic banners on the other hand could be more personalized and tailored to fit the person viewing the ad.

Banner ads could also contain ad tags for the purposes of (1) authorizing advertiser’s to direct a user’s browser to a specific image displayed as banner (2) enabling the user to navigate from the host website to the advertisers site and lastly (3) allowing publishers to choose ad sizes for their site.