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Few Facts on Display Advertising

Display advertising has become the trend of the century opening great opportunities for advertisers to deliver their brand messages to site visitors and increase sales on their products. However, this strategy of advertising might be difficult to capture viewer’s attention due to small windows and spaces allotted for the advertisers in the publisher’s site. This …


Google Will Pay Publishers for Viewable Ads Only [Policy Update]

Publishers will be paid only for the ads that are fully viewable by the users as recently announced by Google on its AdWords blog. As Google Display Network is aiming for a 100% viewable ads in the coming few months, advertisers will be paying 30% premium to use this new viewable ads model. In their …


Facebook Triumphs Over Google Display Ads Growth

Facebook FB +0.82% continues picking up on Google display ads growth GOOGL +0.75% in the business of selling display advertisements that bolster a large number of websites and applications.   Recent survey reveals that Facebook saw 40% growth during the last three months in display ads conveyed via automated technology known as “programmatic”. Following an …


How to Maximize Your Display Ads Budget

An estimation of $23 billion of display ads spending by companies is expected this year. In 2019, the estimate is expected to rise to $37.6 billion. Considering these digits, it is safe to say that investing on display ads is a good idea. Despite the good news, there is a possibility for fraud to take …


AOL Takes Over Microsoft Display Ad Business

AOL is now taking over display ad sales for Microsoft including mobile and video ads across nine countries. It was announced that Microsoft signed a deal for Bing to power AOL in a span of 10 years, which seems to overthrow Google from the position starting January 2016. Display Ads Micorsoft continues to host ads on …


Programmatic Buying and Real-Time Bidding

When you talk about programmatic ad buying, you are not simply referring to real-time bidding. Non-real-time-bidding methods are widely available according to columnist, Matt Ackley. And you can benefit from them too. For the past few years, real-time bidding (RTB) revolutionized marketing, from social to display ads. It runs by selling the ads using audience …