How to Maximize Your Display Ads Budget


display_ads_mobile_envero_mediaAn estimation of $23 billion of display ads spending by companies is expected this year. In 2019, the estimate is expected to rise to $37.6 billion. Considering these digits, it is safe to say that investing on display ads is a good idea. Despite the good news, there is a possibility for fraud to take place, as well as wrong decisions and bad ad choices. With the need for effective advertising, there is no room for gambling. So take a closer look at five tips to make the most of your display ad budget.

Choose Where and When You Will Display Ads for Better Results

There are many options when setting up display ads. Every choice makes a difference so it’s just as important to pick the best time and platform as well as the price of every impression.

Always consider the ‘impression curve’, which is the time it takes before it shows up and ‘the fold’, which determines is the ad is above or below it on display. Those that are of a low number on the impression curve means the ad appears the first time the user visits the page. It is more expensive yet more effective.

On the other hand, the above the fold ad will be more effective and expensive since it is visible without having to scroll down.

Maximize Behavioral Targeting

This is just like a better version of context targeting. The concept of context allows you to get results from display ads but it is limited in terms of how many people can see the ad. On the other hand, behavioral targeting brings your ads to a whole new viewing opportunity targeting a profile of users. An example is showing the ads to the people with a specific interest. So if it specifies on makeup, it can target a specific age group that enjoys it. These ads will appear on makeup sites and other sites these age group visits.

Target Mobile and Desktop Users

Having an increase of mobile users and a good number of desktop users, they should be your priority in your ad campaign. Many people would even use both devices, which means your mobile and desktop-tailored campaign is expected to get the attention of potential buyers.

Buy the Viewable Impressions Only

Ad impressions that are visible to real people are the best choices. Don’t make the same mistakes as marketers did before by buying ads that show up on the site but are not always seen by the users. This is one of the frauds that used computers to view the ads instead of real people. Now, there is such thing as ‘guaranteed viewable impressions’ that ensures real views before actually paying. You may choose the duration it is shown and the percentage of the ad that can be viewed.

Make your ads clear

In this time when are likely to just scan the page and take glances on ads, there is no time to complicate things. Your ad should be clear enough for viewers to understand the first glance. Though it takes much planning and effort, it is going to be worth it. This entails the right use of photos, videos and messages.

These tips will help you jumpstart an effective campaign. However, your focus on individual changes is one major factor that will identify what works and what does not. Experimenting is always part of the process before coming up with the best formula.