Mobile Video Ads Show Growth in Views



Telstra subsidiary, Ooyala, presented data in the Q1 2015 Global Video Index that 42% of online mobile video ads viewing in the first quarter this year is from mobile devices. Most of the views come from Smartphones, which is four times the plays of tablets in the same period.

In the same report, TV broadcasters made more than half of the views on mobile than publishers and brands. The report shows video advertising changing from PCs to mobile devices.

Figures prove that mobile is growing faster than expected. The first quarter tablet and Smartphone plays grew over 24%. Last year, the figure was up at 100% and two years ago, was at 367% up.

Based on the report, ads for TV broadcasters shown on tablets are watched up to 89%. In contrary, Smartphones reached only 79% of the time. There is a 53% of content played for TV broadcasters on mobile, while publishers and brands saw 31% of plays on mobile. This record suggests that mobile views will reach half of all online views this year.

According to Jay Fulcher, chief executive officer of Ooyala, “Our data is indicative of the rapid pace of change in consumer viewing behaviour, which creates new challenges and opportunities for content producers, service providers, and advertisers.”

“We’re seeing a confluence of major trends that are reshaping audiences on a massive scale – in particular, ubiquitous TV-capable mobile devices, and a major influx of premium content streaming to, and in many cases produced for, over-the-top services. A mobile-first mentality with a keen eye on personalisation has never been more important,” said Fulcher.