The Influence of Wearables to Mobile Ads


Mobile is becoming the core of connectivity.


The next few years will bring technology into the background while it becomes incorporated in our devices. In a few years, we may be able to change fabric color through the reaction of electric charges. Wearers can control light patterns to complement the surrounding colors and elements. The fabric can be repurposed into a screen as needed.

Mobile ads are not necessarily displayed on the wearables but the data coming from them are going to be valuable. For instance, mobile devices may not be suitable to carry while jogging or sleeping, but smart clothes and wearables from brands will acquire the data generated in the activity.

Having deeper connectivity to different aspects of our lives will give brands a holistic view of their audience through the use of mobile. This will bring a new method by targeting a brand audience, which will be fully bespoke.

As of the moment, marketers must up their game by analyzing through the available data on consumer behavior.