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Mobile Adblockers Becoming the Norm

While the mobile ad fraud is increasing, marketers must look out for adblockers becoming a standard use. Adblock Plus pointed out that marketers should be concerned about the issue of mobile ad fraud. The result of this well known desktop ad blocker is similar to the popularity of mobile adblockers than what we see on …


The Influence of Wearables to Mobile Ads

Mobile is becoming the core of connectivity. The next few years will bring technology into the background while it becomes incorporated in our devices. In a few years, we may be able to change fabric color through the reaction of electric charges. Wearers can control light patterns to complement the surrounding colors and elements. The …


Mobile Video Ads Show Growth in Views

Telstra subsidiary, Ooyala, presented data in the Q1 2015 Global Video Index that 42% of online mobile video ads viewing in the first quarter this year is from mobile devices. Most of the views come from Smartphones, which is four times the plays of tablets in the same period. In the same report, TV broadcasters made …


Why 2015 Is The Year For Mobile Advertising

It’s that time of the year again. With 2014 behind us, we have come up with a few predictions for 2015 regarding the mobile advertising industry.  Mobile is continuing to disrupt the industry, and the most successful marketers in 2015 are the ones that will embrace what mobile has to offer, but do so responsibly.  As …


IAB Shares Their 2015 Predictions: Highest paying ad network “2015 Will Be A Big Year For Mobile”

Highest paying ad network {internet ad network | display banner ads | high cpm banner ads | best rtb ad network | highest paying ad network} With 2014 coming to an end, many industry leaders are sharing their predictions and what they expect from 2015. Anna Bager, Scott Cunningham and Mike Zaneis of IAB share their thoughts …