Mobile Adblockers Becoming the Norm



While the mobile ad fraud is increasing, marketers must look out for adblockers becoming a standard use.

Adblock Plus pointed out that marketers should be concerned about the issue of mobile ad fraud. The result of this well known desktop ad blocker is similar to the popularity of mobile adblockers than what we see on traditional web.

Supposedly, there are only few users that block ads on mobile. But with the fraud apps crawling in Apple’s and Google’s app stores, users become more concerned and the number increases.

“As consumers start to place a greater reliance on mobile technology for viewing, storing and sharing data it’s likely these concerns will transcend across and if that is the case, the mobile advertising industry is going to have to start addressing some pretty big grievances currently in the market, notably the rise in mobile advertising fraud, “ said an Adblock spokesperson.

Fraudulent apps can access the user’s information in his/her smartphone. It can get the the personal data to view ads, which is an illegal way to drive profit for brands. There used to be no issue around this type of privacy but give the rise of threats, users are becoming more concerned. Therefore, adblockers are being sought after.

Currently, there are 50% of internet users who use ad blocks on their browsers. This is expected to rise especially on the mobile platform.