Q2 2015 State of Mobile Advertising Report


When asked what most people’s first app of the day is, it’s always the entertainment that dominates. Presumably, social media takes people’s schedule by storm. However, it is the news and information category that still has the highest loyalty and consistency of use.

This is just part of the information released in the Q2 2015 State of Mobile Advertising report by Opera Mediaworks.

CEO of Opera Mediaworks, Mahi de Silva, said “Mobile is now the first screen. Mobile is very unique – you can take over the screen and that user experience is like TV in the palm of your hand.”

Check out these five key facts included in the report:

1. The Sports category has increased in total ad impressions from mobile apps and sites. It has moved from #8 to #2 in the ranking of traffic, coming after Social Networking.
2. The maintaining category is the Social Apps and Sites in both revenue and traffic. It has accounted for 17.7% of revenue and 31.5% of all impressions.
3. Part of the top categories for revenue generated for publishers are Games, Music, News and Video & Media.
4. Android maintains its spot as having the most revenue of 47.7% and impressions of 63.7%. It has reached the top spot for the first time in the previous quarter. On the other hand, iOS continues to lead the entire device platform for its monetization potential. Driven by the iPad, it generated a 4.4x of the revenue of its share of impressions.
5. In user-acquisition and brand campaigns, it is on tablets that drive video advertising to its higher traffic and revenue share than on smartphones.

These sites connect to the use of well-structured content to web designing, and most especially good advertising from banner ads network. Let’s see who’s going to take the first spot in the coming quarter.