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The Buy Button: How to Get Potential Customers to Hit It?

It is impossible to imagine life if Smartphones were not a part of our daily lives. The way we communicate and access to the rest of the world would have been more difficult. Thinking about the advantage of today’s technology, are we really making the most of it? Better yet, are marketers and advertisers making …


Q2 2015 State of Mobile Advertising Report

When asked what most people’s first app of the day is, it’s always the entertainment that dominates. Presumably, social media takes people’s schedule by storm. However, it is the news and information category that still has the highest loyalty and consistency of use. This is just part of the information released in the Q2 2015 …


How To Brand For Millennials and Digital Advertising

The social media week has brought a good digital advertising insight for the millennials. Research shows that millennials are closely linked to the digital sphere. While other generations may get into the digital mindset, it only runs for a short period, when using technology. On the other hand, millennials have a constant link to technology. …