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Mobile Adblockers Becoming the Norm

While the mobile ad fraud is increasing, marketers must look out for adblockers becoming a standard use. Adblock Plus pointed out that marketers should be concerned about the issue of mobile ad fraud. The result of this well known desktop ad blocker is similar to the popularity of mobile adblockers than what we see on …


How will Ad Blocking Change the Digital Advertising Industry?

The truth is now in the open. Consumers prefer not seeing online advertisements at all, even the best internet ads. Technology enthusiasts came together to bring out ad-blocking software into the online interface. This has significantly changed online advertising, from magazines to gaming, and across different websites. Through the years, ad blocking has gradually become …


Apple iOS 9 Ad-Blocking Worries Publishers and Advertisers

In the 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference held in San Francisco, Apple launched its latest operating system, the iOS 9. At the same time, Safari engineer, Ricky Mondello had also announced on twitter that the iOS will offer ad-blocks, a new feature that blocks mobile banner ads. This means developers will create extensions, blocking all pop-ups, images, …