Archives - February 2015


What Publishers Need To Know About Optimizing For Mobile Video Revenue

The mobile channel has by now established itself as the future of digital advertising, and the growth shows no signs of slowing. The lion’s share of new investments in digital are going toward the mobile space; every day new technologies emerge in the space, and video is a primary area of focus for advertisers. eMarketer …


Obama tells companies Share Cyber Security Information w/executive order

President Barack Obama asked to get more collaboration for the sharing between private-sector organizations as well as the U.S. government at the White House Cyber security Summit at Stanford today. While pressing for that collaboration, he admitted it might be a challenge to both keep up with cyber threats and protect American’s straight to privacy …


Social Networks Report Record Numbers Around Super Bowl Conversations

Social Networks Report Record: More people than ever reacted to last night’s Super Bowl using social media, according to reports from a number of tech companies. Facebook today says that this year’s Super Bowl was the biggest yet on its social network, and YouTube says more people than ever before watched ads and teaser videos on …