Archives - September 2015


Banner Ads Are Still the Most Effective Web Marketing Format

Banner ads are still the best ad format among the different web marketing formats. According to the findings of AppNexus of the day-to-day execution of campaigns, Q 2015 Digital Advertising Index, banner ads are actually offering marketers the highest click-through rates. This research is based on over 80,000 campaigns transacted in that quarter. It is …


Google Launches a New Banner Ad Format in Gmail

Google is giving out a new ad option to advertisers. Gmail has already been using native ads, the ones we see at the top of our inbox. Just recently, Google increased its advertising game by making it easier and interesting enough for all advertisers to buy directly from AdWords. These ads are automatically collapsed once …


Bite-Size Videos Make More Profit

Are you tired of seeing long-length videos that take so much of your time? Well, you don’t have to spend that much time to get information. You don’t even have to cut it at mid-time because more companies are implementing the short-length video. One major PC brand, Lenovo has just realized this video advertising technique …