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Programmatic Buying and Real-Time Bidding

When you talk about programmatic ad buying, you are not simply referring to real-time bidding. Non-real-time-bidding methods are widely available according to columnist, Matt Ackley. And you can benefit from them too. For the past few years, real-time bidding (RTB) revolutionized marketing, from social to display ads. It runs by selling the ads using audience …


The RTB Environment and Impression Waterfall

There is a huge benefit for publishers working with multiple ad networks. Having a knowledge base in this, moves publishers toward successful impressions through the use of real-time bidding. Performance-based and brand advertisers go beyond boundaries to invest in high CPM’s for ad inventory with targeted markets, high in performance and are safe. How can …


“Demand Fusion” Tech, OpenX Ad Network helps Publishers Take A Smarter Approach To RTB

Ad tech company OpenX is announcing a new version of its supply-side platform today, which co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Jason Fairchild described as “SSP generation two.” OpenX offers a number of ad tools for online publishers, including an ad server, an ad exchange and, following the acquisition of LiftDNA in 2012, an SSP (which helps publishers automate …